Armstrong Supplies

+495% Revenue for Armstrong Supplies Shopify Store

The Client

Armstrong Supplies is an online-only Shopify store selling a variety of home improvement products in the UK. We started the campaign in January 2021 with the goal of increasing organic traffic and sales.

The Plan

Our initial audit for this client revealed that they had a significant number of product category pages with little to no optimization in terms of keyword research, title tags, headings, descriptions, and internal linking.

There were also a few technical issues with pages competing against each other, thin content pages, duplicate product descriptions, and common issues for a website that was built to support a fast-growing business.

Another interesting note was due to the sheer number of products, it was common in this niche to have hundreds of product category pages to target all the keyword variations.

The Execution

We began by immediately diving into the product category pages and quick win opportunities (ranking 6-16) to identify keywords for those pages, then better optimize the pages using manual review and tools including SurferSEO.

This was done by working with the client to write content as per our briefs, so we could quickly expand the category descriptions. We also modified the theme layout to support expanding this content in a mobile-friendly way.

We combined this with internal linking via a silo structure between product category pages, as well as breadcrumbs linking up to relevant categories.

Along with expanding the number of categories to support the variety of products this client offered and to support expanding the keywords more effectively than product pages.

The Results

Within a few months, the site took off and saw significant growth up from 4,509 organic search users in December to 29,594 in March.

It stabilized shortly after, which is normal after large jumps but still had a considerable jump in traffic comparing both previous months and the previous year.

Overall results so far show a 539.32% growth in traffic and a 495.42% increase in revenue.